Spa Ossidiana

“Water is the vehicle of nature.” Leonardo Da Vinci.

The Spa at Roca Negra Hotel & Spa, in the Canary Islands (Agaete), is well known for its elegance. With features that make it unique. It is the place to be inspired by the healing power of water, and the benefits of natural products used in massages, treatments and rituals that combine the latest technology with ancient traditions. Give back the natural balance to your skin in our hot springs and regain your youthful vitality with a wide range of antioxidant treatments. Caress your spirit with massages and release tensions in our fitness Tecnogym.

Prior reservation is required to access the Spa and be over 16 years old.

The spa service must be paid in advance.

Cancellation policy

The card number will be taken as guarantee.
Cancellation of treatments and massages up to 24 hours before are free of charges.
Otherwise the corresponding price will be charged.

Spa Treatments

  • Circuit Serenity

    We offer different Spa prices:

    • Spa Ossidiana Express - 90min – 26€
    • Spa Ossidiana for hotel guests - 150min – 31€
    • Spa Ossidiana for not hotel guests - 150 min – 41€

      Our spa includes:

    • Relax Room
    • Flotarium Room
    • Jacuzzi
    • Footbath
    • Ice Zone
    • Cyclonic Shower
    • Shower Biothermal
    • Arctic Shower
    • Turkish Bath
    • Finnish Sauna
    • Roman baths
  • Skin Care

    Oral tradition says … “the face is the mirror of the soul.” Your expression, harmony of your features, the health of your skin, you communicate better with others.

    Essence of Citrus (60min – 77€)

    Vitamin “C” reaches the deeper layers and acts on your skin. The regenerated bringing light and energy.

    Anti-aging (60min – 77€)

    The weather is beautiful. I’ll plant isoflavones, which reaffirm and return the sweetness to your expression.

    Oxygenating (60min – 77€)

    The cells of your skin, expect and appreciate a supply of fresh air, which cleans and releases.

    Sesame, Royal Jelly and Honey Cream (60min – 77€)

    They have come from Egypt for your body. Defined with a tour of beauty touch your skin craves.

    Facial hygiene (60min – 67€)

    It is an essential habit for the care of our skin, not only from the aesthetic point of view, it helps to clean and hydrate.

    Hygiene + Extraction (90min – 82€)

    You will feel your skin hydrated, you will see it free of impurities and you will love it.

  • Body Treatments

    • Body Exfoliation + Hydration (45min – 41€)
    • Exfoliation Udvartana (60min – 67€)
    • Kassa Exfoliation Black and karite Soap (60min – 67€)
    • Perfume of Valencia (60min – 82€)
    • Aftersun (45min – 41€)
  • Treatments with natural products

    We believe that … in nature, which produces and gives us is the answer to all needs of our body. And the wisdom to apply them, the challenge of making you feel good.

    • Chocolate (60min – 72€)
    • Coffee Agaete (60min – 67€)
      Peeling and hydration
    • Aloe Vera from Gran Canaria (60min – 77€)
      Peeling and wraparound
    • Gofio Canary (roasted corn)(60min – 67€)
      Wrapping and aloe hydration
  • Massages

    Homer, The Odyssey, describes the powers repairers who had the anointing oil on the weary warrior heroes. Art and technique … comfort and welfare. They are a legacy of ancient cultures, in constant change and adaptation, bring benefits to this day.

    • Parcial massage (30min – 31€)
    • Antistress massage (45min – 57€)
    • Hot stone massage(30min – 40€)
    • Foot reflexology massage (60min – 60€)
    • Argan oil (45min – 62€)
  • Beauty Services

    • Traditional manicure (16€)
    • Manicure + nail polish (20€)
    • Pedicure (26€)
    • Eyebrows (Tweezers)(11€)
    • Upper lip (9€)
    • Half legs (16€)
    • Whole legs (31€)
    • Axles (11€)
    • Pubis (16€)
    • Complete wax (51€)

    There are multiple combinations of products and techniques. Our staff will gladly attend your queries.

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